July 2021
Call for Paper: Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence (Graph representation learning: Methods and Applications).

June 2021
Six undergarduate interns joined our lab (Junghoon Kim, Hanbit Lee, Hyemin Ju, Sujin_Kim, Jihyung Jung, Hyojun Kim).

February 2021
Prof. Park gave a talk at 2021 한국인공지능학회 동계단기강좌 [Slide].

January 2021
A paper got accepted at WWW 2021.

December 2020
Five undergarduate interns joined our lab (Yoonho Lee, Sein Kim, Sukwon Yun, Kibum Kim, Jaehyun Nam).

December 2020
Namkyeong Lee, Junseok Lee, Junyoung Ryu joined our lab and will be pursuing a Master’s degree starting from Spring 2021.

November 2020
DSAIL is open!
If you’re interested in joining our lab, send an email with your interests, CV, and transcript to cy.park (at)